What’s the one Trend for Summer that Transcends Age & Gender????



Slides are everywhere, you can’t avoid the trend. The good news is most of them are pretty comfortable. It’s also a trend that no longer reserves itself for young boys and athletes thanks to top designers like Givenchy, Gucci, Prada and Ferragamo for entering the game. My faves are the black & white Givenchy  and my all-time fave the YSl slides! (below) Now … I’m showing you the high-end designers for the most part, but there are a zillion other slides around at much more reasonable prices. Try Steve Madden, Zara, Nike and Adidas.

Designer_Pool_Slide_Sandals_For_Spring_Summer_2017_–_Spotted_Fashion (1)


Create_looks_and_express_your_style_-_Polyvore (1)


Men are usually the ones we see wearing slides, but mostly Nike or some other sport company slide. BUT top designers are making slides for men as well. My younger son just begged for Gucci slides and was granted this wish by the Easter Bunny – who apparently is one crazy bunny!!! Other designers like Prada, Versace and Valentino (camouflage) are a huge hit with men and quite frankly boys. They are selling out fast in stores, which is a clear indication they are a hit!

Are you going to slide into summer???


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