Mixology – When Price Points NEVER Collide


Mix it Up

It’s my favorite thing to do … mix the high-end designers with the lower end. It’s not unlike when Sharon Stone wore a Gap t-shirt to Oscars with a Valentino skirt and a Armani dress worn as a coat. That is the essence of mixology right there!


Casual Lifestyle

For the most part I have a pretty casual lifestyle. I’m surrounded by kids and dogs … and more kids. I like to wear pieces that I feel comfortable running around in … doing errands and driving to pick up my kids etc. That’s not to say that I don’t like to dress up, because I obviously like that too. My everyday style, though, is pure mixology.


What I’m Wearing

Sundry Tank – Sold out

Express Blazer/Vest – I got mine last year but here is an equivalent one – Express Vest

Citizen of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans – Easily my favorite denim brand.

Chloe Sandals – from a few years ago.

Celine Bag – They don’t really sell Celine online – So I directed you to the Celine site and bag style but if you want to check out the bags you have to go to a Saks, Neimans, Bergdorffs or ac actual Celine store.


Arm Candy

My little arm party is becoming a signature. I have collected Cartier Love bracelets since I was 16, and am hoping to get just one more … one to represent each child. I load on an Hermes H bracelet and my mom’s Cartier tank watch. When I’m not wearing a necklace I usually load up on the bracelets on both arms.


Have a GREAT day Girls!!! XOXO

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