Ditch Your Shorts for Skirts

IMG_0179 (1)

Skirt It

I love skirts for the Spring … and the Summer actually. The skirt has replaced the ever-dreaded bermuda short for me. I really don’t like shorts, I just think they look masculine on me. I know there are times we have to wear them, but if I can help it I avoid them. Here my Zara skirt is paired with a slightly more dressy top, but I could easily see myself wearing a tank or a tee with this skirt for a more casual look.


The Look

Zara skirt

Draped Top


Small Pave’ Disc Necklace

Prada Wedges

Rose Gold Ray-Bans


IMG_0159 (1)

Small Round Pave’ Disc Necklace – Above


Full Finger Pave’ Ring – Above

IMG_0188 (2)Which do you prefer … skirts or shorts????? Have a good one Girls!! XOXO


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