Culottes – Underrated




People have strong opinions about culottes … they either love them or hate them. I happen to love them. I like how they move when you walk and how they showcase a cute shoe.

IMG_0025 (1)

What I’m Wearing

Rag & Bone Culottes

Zara Top

Zara Leather High Heel Sandal



When trying them on consider the fit. Some are just way too boxy, and they should fall above the ankle but below the calf. I had mine tailored because I’m short. I have to get basically all my pants tailored including jeans. Never underestimate how tailoring can perfect a look.

IMG_0027 (3)IMG_0043 (2)

Just my opinion … but I think culottes are a good option to consider. Have a good one Girls!!!! XOXO





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