Backless for Summer – Solutions

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How To:

Come on … we all love tops like this but the second we see it we think “how is that going to work?” Logistically there are things to consider. Like – how do I pull this off without a bra? How do I keep the shirt from moving and showing everything I have? It’s worth considering because the sex appeal is on another level … that’s what my husband says anyway. :)



Fashion Tape – This is a must all summer … for a ton of outfits. With this top I taped down between the cleavage and by the side of the boob. The tape really works!

Fashion Petals – I use for coverage so nothing peeks through the fabric … not to mention if the climate changes. :) I prefer the whole room not know when I’m cold … thank you very much!

Halter Bralette – If you absolutely need a bra – let a pretty bralette show a bit in the back.

Halter Bralette option 2

Halter Strappy Bralette – let it show. I’m definitely doing this one if I want to wear this top and feel like I must wear a bra. Let it show .. it’s not like it’s a big secret that women wear bras and it will look pretty across the back.

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What I’m Wearing

Jetset Diaries Bodysuit

Citizen of Humanity Cropped Denim

Linen Strappy heels

Gold Earrings

Hermes H Bracelet in medium size

Rose Gold Ray Bans



Have a good one Girls! XOXO

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