501 Cutoffs – How to Keep Your Man Interested!


My Momma Used To Say

My mom used to always tell me, when your husband comes home you shouldn’t always look like a train hit you. Keep in mind he works all day around well dressed women who would like nothing better than to steal him from you – so make an effort to look decent when he gets home. Well, my husband grew up in the 70’s and for whatever reason he thinks 501 cutoffs are super sexy and hot. SO … you get my point! I throw these babies on with some wedges and a white tank and the man can barely speak when he walks through the door. Know your audience girls!!!


Age Appropriate

Yes indeed, I am getting too old to wear these. I’m aware I’m coming very close to the edge of inappropriate but I at least try to find a pair where my ass isn’t hanging out. One would think that is an easy task BUT it is not!!! I finally found a pair – Levi’s 501 High-Rise Shorts and I bought them a size bigger so they would hang lower on my leg. Plus that way they seem more “boyfriend” like and I think that adds to the sex appeal.


What to Wear With Them

I literally love them with white. In fact, I like most denim with white. I just think it’s so Classic American style and crisp looking. I paired my Ivy Park loose tank with a cocoa colored tank underneath and some Tan Seychelles Wedges.

AND … yes when he walked through the door after a majorly stressful day he couldn’t keep his hands off me. I WIN :)

Thanks Mom!! xoxox

IMG_1789 (1)


Have a relaxing weekend Girls! xoxoxo

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