What to Wear to a 30th Birthday … When You’re Over 40


The Young Crowd

My niece had a 30th birthday party for her fiance’ who was turning 30. She was gracious enough to invite the elders … like me, her mother and father. :) It was actually a really fun party. My niece and her soon-to-be husband have some really nice friends. They were doing shots and just loving being young. When you get to be my age and you and your friends still party like rock stars … it just gets ugly. I’m not really a party girl. I outgrew that in college for the most part.


What To Wear

I knew she would have the party at some “cool” spot. It ended up being on a roof deck & Dallas is beautiful in the spring. Fire-pits everywhere etc – very cool!

I chose to wear black silk Rag & Bone joggers with a silk cropped tie tank by Chaser and a pair Zara heels – which are so cool I get excited when I get to wear them. I felt it was chic enough to hang with the 30-somethings but not trying too hard to be like one of them.

I was right and it played off perfectly. I was a bit over-dressed maybe BUT I was repping a more sophisticated decade. My 40’s have been my best yet. I’m comfortable in my skin (for the most part) – I’m in intense shape – I’m confident in who I am and don’t care that much what others think of me. My sister and I were talking last night and she said a great thing that she had heard … it’s going to be our motto – “Do You” … just be you and worry less about the things you cannot control. I love that!!!


Do You

I’m doing me bishes – look out. :) Great things to come if I listen to my gut & follow where my ideas take me.

IMG_0810 (1)These shoes make me smile – period! When I first got them I could’t walk in them but I had the cobbler take them down like 1/4 inch & it made a huge difference!

IMG_0807 (1)

Have a fun weekend Girls!!! “Do You” – XOXO


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