Meet Me For Drinks?

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Going Out

Meeting someone for drinks is way more playful than having dinner, so your outfit should reflect that. Look like you’re ready to have a good time.


What I’m Wearing

Ramy Brook Pants

Chaser Silk Top

Zara Shoes

Gerard Yosca Necklace

Kara Ross Snakeskin Bag

La Perla Bra … Peeking out from the side


Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

I’m a bit obsessed with how the women in this show dress, especially Abby. Yes, yes sometimes they are over the top to go get kids at pickup – but I don’t care … I love it!!! One of my favorite parts of the show is getting outfit ideas, and that is exactly where this one came from. Abby wore something similar and I love the silk jogger pants with a crop top and the shoes … oh the shoes! They make the whole outfit more alluring.

IMG_0047 (1)


Soooo – let’s meet for drinks! XO


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