How to be a Stay-at-Home Mom & Not Go Crazy


Real Housewife

I’m always so amused when I watch The Real Housewives TV shows, because is there even one of them that is actually a REAL housewife? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of them vacuum or do laundry. It’s hysterical.

Like it or not … I’m a real housewife. I decided long before I had children that I wanted to be home with them while they were growing up. Sure, back then I had this fantasy that it would be all fun and like playing house. The reality is … it’s not a ton of fun. It might be the loneliest most thankless job anyone could ever have. You spent most of your day picking up after others, cooking for others, shopping for others, bathing others, doing errands for other, fixing other’s problems … the list goes on. Guess what we get in return … the inevitable “I HATE you” or the “what do you do all day?” That one might be my favorite! So … how do you fight the urge to hate you life??

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Don’t Give In

It can be easy to give into the boring daily routine of your life, but I have some tips that may help you stay on track & feeling good about yourself.

1. Get dressed! Resist the urge to just throw on yoga clothes. We all do it sometimes, but get dolled up too!

2. Put on perfume. I know that sounds dumb – but it will keep you feeling sexy. AND don’t lose that!!! Just because your job is super “un-sexy” doesn’t mean you have to be!

3. Find something all your OWN. Like I started Gift Girl when I was at the height of losing my mind as a stay-at-home mom. I can do it from home & it’s an outlet. Start a blog, write, take yoga, go for a walk, get a dog, get a part-time job, volunteer for something you love – find time to do YOU!!!!!

4. Friends  – I don’t have girl friends. I’m just not one of those ladies who lunch. I don’t have close girl friends, but if you do .. take advantage of that! Make dates with them – do stuff with them. I have guy friends .. I just get along with men better than women for whatever reason. So – I yuck it up with them.

5. Go on a weekender – without your family. Go to a spa, or just another friend’s house. We all need to escape.

6. Put on make-up. There are certainly days I don’t have the time or energy to put on make-up but when I do I feel so much better. I feel more pulled together – more like a woman.


Try Not to Get Lost

It’s easy to lose yourself in everyone else’s life – resist it. I know just how hard that can be because I fight it everyday. Hang in there … you’re not alone. Hey – email me if you need to vent!!! I’m a great listener. :)



In our job there are plenty of times I just want to cry but find the laughter in the situation. There are a million stories I could tell (every mom has the same stories) where I should have jumped right out the window but instead I just fell on the floor laughing because … I mean WTF – right?!!!!! LOL!

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I love you girls! Have a great Mother’s Day. I’m here – know that. xoxoxo

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