Cocktails & Dinner – Resort Style

IMG_0170 (2)Vacation

When you’re on vacation you should be escaping all that ties you down at home and that includes any restraints on clothing. At home you may reserve the silver glitter dress solely for New Year’s or some other overly festive party. On a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean it’s perfect for a night out. The shimmer of the dress reflects that of the beautiful sand – mixed with golds and a pop of color it is pure perfection.

IMG_0086 (1)IMG_0078Playful Accessories

I love these colorful tassel earrings that seem to bring the whole look together. With a dress like this you don’t need much in the way of jewelry, but these earrings made an important – playful statement. That is exactly what being on vacation means to me … being playful & having fun.

IMG_0130 (1)I hope you Girls get to go on a vacation this year – somewhere warm & near a glorious beach!!! XO




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