Casual Friday – What to Wear



A lot of companies allow their employees to dress down on Fridays. This can be a struggle for some people who are so used to wearing basically a set uniform for work. It really depends on what kind of company you work for. If you work for an artsy company, a younger company or even a small company you may have more room to play. My husband works for a big company – so that usually means khakis and a button down as opposed to a suit … which he wears the rest of the week.

So, what does that mean for you? The big question for me would be denim or no denim? In general, if you’re going to do denim at the office it should not be ripped, torn, or worn-in at all.I think darker denim looks more dressy. Paired with a blouse, cashmere sweater, heels, boots, blazer or coat – could be what beings it to the next level. Again … if you’re not sure what your company finds acceptable – watch what others wear to learn the limits.



I work for myself … SO I can wear whatever I want :) The struggle with being a blogger or an internet company, when you work from home most of the time, is even getting out of your pajamas. There are certainly days I don’t pull it together at all, but hey I have an insane schedule so I don’t beat myself up too much.

Yes … my office is my dining room. I actually really love it, because it is such a soothing room with amazing light. The only problem is, I’m such a perfectionist about how my home looks that I have to put my office away everyday. I just refuse to have papers laying all over my table all the time … what if someone comes over??? They wouldn’t be able to experience the true feel of the house with a bunch of clutter around – come on now!


What I’m Wearing

Mother Denim

Zara Top – sold out :(

Jimmy Choo Nova

Glasses  – Warbly Parker

IMG_0395 (1)

IMG_0358OKAY … Girls – have a great weekend. XOXO


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