The Misconception of Lingerie


In My Opinion

Valentine’s Day is only about a day away and I  think there a lot of guys out there thinking it would be a great idea to get their Girl some lingerie. Bad idea! I mean I get the sexuality of it, and the wanting to provoke a mood, but I’m not sure lingerie is the way to get it done. I like to pick out my own lingerie – like to figure out what I feel sexy in and what I feel good in. For example – I hate lace … it itches & I much prefer the feel of satin or silk on my skin. My husband would never know that and he would be destined to fail. Also, it’s not always about the guy, because let’s face it guys if the girl feels sexy … she’s more likely to be seduced and to seduce.

Most of the lingerie in this post is from Agent Provocateur


Everyday Lingerie

I don’t always have on sexy lingerie, but I’m thinking it could make the difference in the way a woman moves and feels about herself throughout the day. Like she has a secret – one you may or may not be privy to.



A Winner

If you’re looking for a gift, you’re more likely to have success with a sexy robe. Personally, there’s nothing more sexy than a kimono style silk robe. GOD it’s gorgeous and graces the skin and moves fluidly with her every step .. making her movements like a dance. They seem hard to find – I have yet to find one for myself.

Of course the ones I like are the most expensive … what do you expect – that’s probably why I don’t own one

Above:KIKI Kimono


Above: Nayeli Kimono … savagely beautiful



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