Calvin Klein – Sporty, Sweet and Sexy

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Where it all began

Calvin Klein undies were considered very sexy and cute even back in my day. I mean … who can forget Marky Mark’s Calvin ad from 1992?! Really … really???!!!! Pretty sure this is where my obsession with Mark Wahlberg began. Now he’s considered my “hall pass” – every person in a marriage has one & YES he’s mine. Oh. Dear. God. YASSSS! Sorry, not sorry :)


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Staying Power

Calvins seemed to disappear for awhile but now they are back with a vengeance. I’m not complaining because the sporty bra is super comfortable. The fact that such a sporty-looking bra (and undies) can be considered so sexy escapes me … but they really are. The fact that one of my sons wears the boxer briefs makes me a little sick to my stomach for obvious reasons, but even he’ll tell you … Calvins are sexy. AND yes – we talk about all of that. The boy has no filter with me and I’m good with that!


Forget Age

Now … I’m obviously not in the same league with youngsters like Justin Bieber or any other young thing sporting Calvins these days but I’m not that bad for a 45-year-old broad either :)


Go For It

If they feel good on you – then go for it! Underwear has really nothing to do with age or trends … it’s about how it feels on your skin and how your skin feels in it!


Have a good day Girls! XOXO


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