Cocktails & Dinner – Resort Style

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Vacation When you’re on vacation you should be escaping all that ties you down at home and that includes any restraints on clothing. At home you may reserve the silver glitter dress solely for New Year’s or some other overly festive party. On a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean it’s perfect for a night out. […]

The Wrap Dress – Iconic


DVF We can all thank Diane Von Furstenberg for inventing the sexy yet simple wrap dress. It was initially introduced in the 70’s, and came back strong in the late 90’s … and has become a staple. Simplicity It’s the simplicity of the wrap dress that keeps women coming back. It’s like one and done […]

Zara – Spring is in


Spring  Yea … I guess I just have to face it – we aren’t going to get a good winter here this year. UGH I just got back from New York and I totally loved the snow and seeing my breathe in the cold weather. I miss that SO much. I know people on the […]

The Misconception of Lingerie


In My Opinion Valentine’s Day is only about a day away and I  think there a lot of guys out there thinking it would be a great idea to get their Girl some lingerie. Bad idea! I mean I get the sexuality of it, and the wanting to provoke a mood, but I’m not sure […]

Baby it’s Finally Cold Outside


Finally Unfortunately, Dallas winters can be iffy. Sometimes we get a real winter and sometimes we get nodda! I’m a New Yorker … born and raised – I need a little winter. I like the change of seasons. Mostly because of the clothes. What I’m Wearing AG Waxed Legging Jeans J. Crew Sweater Linda Richards […]

Feathers are Still Fun

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Go For It I bought this feather trimmed jacket (yes … I’m wearing it as a dress here:)) about a million years ago, but I think it’s still relevant! There’s always an occasion to whip out the feathers, it’s extravagant and pure fun!  I think the fact that it’s black obviously gives it more shelf […]

Menswear on Women

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Allure I don’t know but … I always find it kinda sexy when a woman looks like she’s wearing her man’s clothing. There’s nothing quite like an oversized oxford shirt hanging on a woman’s body. Almost like she jumped out of bed, grabbed his shirt from the floor and ran out the door. What I’m […]

Print Leggings – Athletic wear

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Print it Lately, I’m kind of loving all the fun prints that yoga/leggings come in. I’m extremely particular when it comes to the patterns I choose. I think it’s a real personal choice and says a lot about your personality depending on the pattern you choose. I’m always more geared toward earthy tones. There is […]

When it’s Warm in Winter


Weather While everyone else seems to be recovering from a snowstorm, Dallas is in the 70’s. Lately the fluctuation in temperature is enough to make an East Coast girl go mad. Just when I get excited about bringing out the coats and scarves and all fabulous layering … the temperature goes right back up. I’m […]