Graduation Season – Jocelyn’s Turn


Salutatorian My accomplished, beautiful, sweet, passionate, strong and brilliant step-daughter graduated today! She graduated second in her class and is on her way to Elon in the fall. We came out in droves to support her great accomplishments!!! Now … on to the fashion! What I Wore BCBG knit Dress – from a few seasons […]

501 Cutoffs – How to Keep Your Man Interested!


My Momma Used To Say My mom used to always tell me, when your husband comes home you shouldn’t always look like a train hit you. Keep in mind he works all day around well dressed women who would like nothing better than to steal him from you – so make an effort to look […]

Mixology – When Price Points NEVER Collide


Mix it Up It’s my favorite thing to do … mix the high-end designers with the lower end. It’s not unlike when Sharon Stone wore a Gap t-shirt to Oscars with a Valentino skirt and a Armani dress worn as a coat. That is the essence of mixology right there! Casual Lifestyle For the most […]

Mixing Neutral Shades Successfully


Play Well Together The neutrals just play well together! It’s so much easier for me to mix it up with shades like tan, white, brown, grey and off-white. The thing that pulls it all together here are the snake skin accents. The belt and the sandals are snake skin and I feel like they help […]

Backless for Summer – Solutions

IMG_0651 (1)

How To: Come on … we all love tops like this but the second we see it we think “how is that going to work?” Logistically there are things to consider. Like – how do I pull this off without a bra? How do I keep the shirt from moving and showing everything I have? […]

It’s Going to be a Good Friday!


Good Friday There are probably many of you wondering; “what the heck is Good Friday?” – It’s the day in which my religion (Catholic) and many other Christian religions commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. It’s a day of refection and fasting. I will be quiet on this day … which is why […]

Meet the Parents … ESD Event


New School Welcome Party My step-son is starting high school next year and got accepted to his first choice school, ESD (The Episcopal School of Dallas). So … today the school had a “meet the parents” event. The theme was “taco night” which left the dress code wide open. However, I’ve been to too many […]

Casual Friday – What to Wear


TGIF A lot of companies allow their employees to dress down on Fridays. This can be a struggle for some people who are so used to wearing basically a set uniform for work. It really depends on what kind of company you work for. If you work for an artsy company, a younger company or […]