Cocktails & Dinner – Resort Style

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Vacation When you’re on vacation you should be escaping all that ties you down at home and that includes any restraints on clothing. At home you may reserve the silver glitter dress solely for New Year’s or some other overly festive party. On a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean it’s perfect for a night out. […]

Meet Me For Drinks?

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Going Out Meeting someone for drinks is way more playful than having dinner, so your outfit should reflect that. Look like you’re ready to have a good time. What I’m Wearing Ramy Brook Pants Chaser Silk Top Zara Shoes Gerard Yosca Necklace Kara Ross Snakeskin Bag La Perla Bra … Peeking out from the side […]

The Misconception of Lingerie


In My Opinion Valentine’s Day is only about a day away and I  think there a lot of guys out there thinking it would be a great idea to get their Girl some lingerie. Bad idea! I mean I get the sexuality of it, and the wanting to provoke a mood, but I’m not sure […]

Print Leggings – Athletic wear

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Print it Lately, I’m kind of loving all the fun prints that yoga/leggings come in. I’m extremely particular when it comes to the patterns I choose. I think it’s a real personal choice and says a lot about your personality depending on the pattern you choose. I’m always more geared toward earthy tones. There is […]

When it’s Warm in Winter


Weather While everyone else seems to be recovering from a snowstorm, Dallas is in the 70’s. Lately the fluctuation in temperature is enough to make an East Coast girl go mad. Just when I get excited about bringing out the coats and scarves and all fabulous layering … the temperature goes right back up. I’m […]

Pop – Up Shop … The Cashmere Sale


Greenwich, CT I have to shout out to all and any that live near Greenwich, CT to stop by the annual Cashmere Sale. It’s a pop-up that has been going on for years in Greenwich. The idea is you’re getting great cashmere at prices way below retail. It’s really worth if you live in the […]

MY Encounter with Billy Bush …


The Way I See It … With all that has been going on with Billy Bush, I feel the need to put out there the story of when I met him. It was in 2008. A video on my blog had drawn the attention of the people at Access Hollywood. It was around the time […]

Athletic Wear – Where to Spend & Save


  When you think you’re getting a deal I was always under the impression that places like Athleta would be much less expensive than the more designer places like Bandier. That is actually not the case at all, and you’re getting a better product from a place from Bandier. The pieces I have bought from Athleta have not […]

Rainboots … Really???


I’m not sloshing around I’ve never really seen the point of a rain boot. If it’s raining I usually try to spend as little time outside as possible. Ok, ok … I get it now. I recently started spending time at Operation Kindness and the first day I went it was pouring, but the dogs needed walking. […]

Fallin-ing Outside


The First Hint of Fall We got a slight taste of fall over the last couple of days here in Dallas. I use the term fall lightly There was a chill in the air that we haven’t felt in months, and it was glorious. It gets us all excited about sitting outside by our fireplace […]