Christopher Kane – Major OOPS!


Mr. Kane, I hate to be the bearer of bad news … but your Virgin Mary print sweatshirt is really St. Therese! It’s a bit of an embarrassing mistake for the designer to make. To the average person  … it may not be noticeable or even matter to them. However, the Catholic set may beg to […]


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Accessories We saw tassels a lot during the winter months, but they are still going strong into Spring & Summer. Mine are a mixed metal blend, but for Summer it’s going to be all about fun colors. Tassels in bright and bold colors. They are fun, and an accessories that needs to stand on it’s […]

Cocktails & Dinner – Resort Style

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Vacation When you’re on vacation you should be escaping all that ties you down at home and that includes any restraints on clothing. At home you may reserve the silver glitter dress solely for New Year’s or some other overly festive party. On a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean it’s perfect for a night out. […]

Meet Me For Drinks?

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Going Out Meeting someone for drinks is way more playful than having dinner, so your outfit should reflect that. Look like you’re ready to have a good time. What I’m Wearing Ramy Brook Pants Chaser Silk Top Zara Shoes Gerard Yosca Necklace Kara Ross Snakeskin Bag La Perla Bra … Peeking out from the side […]

The Wrap Dress – Iconic


DVF We can all thank Diane Von Furstenberg for inventing the sexy yet simple wrap dress. It was initially introduced in the 70’s, and came back strong in the late 90’s … and has become a staple. Simplicity It’s the simplicity of the wrap dress that keeps women coming back. It’s like one and done […]

Zara – Spring is in


Spring  Yea … I guess I just have to face it – we aren’t going to get a good winter here this year. UGH I just got back from New York and I totally loved the snow and seeing my breathe in the cold weather. I miss that SO much. I know people on the […]

Calvin Klein – Sporty, Sweet and Sexy

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Where it all began Calvin Klein undies were considered very sexy and cute even back in my day. I mean … who can forget Marky Mark’s Calvin ad from 1992?! Really … really???!!!! Pretty sure this is where my obsession with Mark Wahlberg began. Now he’s considered my “hall pass” – every person in a […]

The Misconception of Lingerie


In My Opinion Valentine’s Day is only about a day away and I  think there a lot of guys out there thinking it would be a great idea to get their Girl some lingerie. Bad idea! I mean I get the sexuality of it, and the wanting to provoke a mood, but I’m not sure […]

Trend Alert – Show off your Shoulders

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Shoulder Show It’s not exactly huge news that the shoulders are a hot part of the body to show off right now. With all the off the shoulder tops from last year into this … we’ve seen it before. But I personally don’t love off the shoulder because I need to wear a bra – […]

Sweaty Betty – My Picks!

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  Sweaty Betty I love Sweaty Betty leisure/yoga wear. I think I love it the most because it’s  not easy to get it in  the states. But I also think the fabrics are superior and last WAY longer than any other brand. You pay up on some items but you gain it back in the […]