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Dallas’s Best Hairstylist – My Pick

Pam Vasko Why is Pam my pick for best hairstylist?? I'll tell you why ... I "cheated " on her once out of sheer laziness and ended up having to grow my hair out for a year just to get it back to where she could fix it. I've never sat in Pam's chair or left Pam's chair with that anxious feeling like "oh god what did she do to my hair?"! Pam has been banging hair for 16 years. She originally … [Read More...]

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Planet Blue & What a View

Big Corona I decided to try a new beach today - Big Corona. The beach was fine, but it was this pre-historic looking path I found that was the coolest. It took me to the top where all I could see … Continue Reading...


The Golden Hour

  Lighting is Key The "Golden Hour" is said to be one of the best times to take photos because the depth and beauty of the natural light that shines at that very moment. It is just that … Continue Reading...


Bandage Bathing Suits

  A Clear Trend The lines on swimsuits are getting more and more interesting, and I love the distraction. The bandage suit has such a modern feel, it has that Herve Leger effect ... but … Continue Reading...