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Fallin-ing Outside

The First Hint of Fall We got a slight taste of fall over the last couple of days here in Dallas. I use the term fall lightly :) There was a chill in the air that we haven't felt in months, and it was glorious. It gets us all excited about sitting outside by our fireplace in the evening watching the dogs run around, or actually eatingt a meal outside. There is no better season than Fall to me. … [Read More...]

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Fall’s Most Fashionable Pant

Wide Leg High Waisted Trousers I'm ready for this look. The feel is feminine and sophisticated with simplicity. These pants will have movement when you walk enhancing the female form even further. … Continue Reading...


Bodysuits & Boyfriend Jeans

A bit behind Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been having some minor health things going on. The Doctor keeps saying "at your age ... " - like a knife in the heart! I get it ... I'm getting … Continue Reading...


Planet Blue & What a View

Big Corona I decided to try a new beach today - Big Corona. The beach was fine, but it was this pre-historic looking path I found that was the coolest. It took me to the top where all I could see … Continue Reading...