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Christopher Kane – Major OOPS!

Mr. Kane, I hate to be the bearer of bad news ... but your Virgin Mary print sweatshirt is really St. Therese! It's a bit of an embarrassing mistake for the designer to make. To the average person  ... it may not be noticeable or even matter to them. However, the Catholic set may beg to differ. My mom was able to peg it instantly and called the designer out immediately. I suppose it helps to … [Read More...]

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The Wrap Dress – Iconic

DVF We can all thank Diane Von Furstenberg for inventing the sexy yet simple wrap dress. It was initially introduced in the 70's, and came back strong in the late 90's ... and has become a … Continue Reading...


Zara – Spring is in

Spring  Yea ... I guess I just have to face it - we aren't going to get a good winter here this year. UGH I just got back from New York and I totally loved the snow and seeing my breathe in the … Continue Reading...


The Misconception of Lingerie

In My Opinion Valentine's Day is only about a day away and I  think there a lot of guys out there thinking it would be a great idea to get their Girl some lingerie. Bad idea! I mean I get the … Continue Reading...